The Psychology of Christian Character Formation

Author: Joanna Collicutt
ISBN: 978-0334051794
Date: 2015
Price: £25.00
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Publisher: SCM Press, London

So here’s another book on the ‘F’ Word. Formation is a term much in currency at the moment but it is a term not without its complications and obfuscations. It arose of course in the pre-Vatican world of the Roman Catholic seminary system where young men were formed, psychologically and spiritually, as priests and as human beings. The whole notion reflected the old Greek notion of Paideia, as opposed to Pedagogy, whereby education was seen not so much about the imparting of information as the shaping of the whole person in culture and in values. In more recent years however the Church has been responding to the need to train as deacons and priests men and, for the Anglican church, women whose call from God has been experienced later in life. These are people who have already been formed by circumstance and society, by experience and by life.

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