Opening the Door of Faith Encountering Jesus and His Call to Discipleship

Author: Thomas D. Stegman SJ
ISBN: 978-0-8091-4927-8
Date: 2015
Price: £6.99
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Publisher: Paulist Press

This book is an expanded version of the author’s articles in the Pastoral Review in 2013 for the Year of Faith. The title is taken from Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Letter Porta Fidei (‘The Door of Faith’) of 2011 establishing the Year of Faith. Pope Benedict’s call to a renewal of faith was very much set in the context of evangelization, and Pope Francis has continued this same concern for a renewal of faith and the new evangelization (as can be seen in Lumen Fidei and Evangelii Gaudium).
This book is about faith as expressed in the New Testament. As emphasised in the papal documents this, says Stegman, has two bases or foundations. First, and most fundamentally, faith (and its derivatives such as ‘faithfulness’) applies to God. Secondly, our faith is manifested in an encounter with – indeed in friendship with – Jesus Christ, who reveals God to us.
There is a chapter each on the Four Evangelists and Paul.

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