In God?s Hands. The Archbishop of Canterbury?s Lent Book 2015

Author: Desmond Tutu
ISBN: 978-1472908377
Date: 2014
Price: ?6.99 RRP
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Publisher: Bloomsbury Continuum

The Archbishop of Canterbury in his forward to this book describes it as ?very unusual?. I think he means by this that the author himself, a unique figure in the contemporary church, has a voice unlike any other.

This slim book is written in an almost declamatory style. It is like a series of speeches or homilies which have been written down. It consists of two parts: six chapters in part one making up the Lent book and then in part two, an interview with Archbishop Tutu himself. He admits here that he has really only one thing to say: ?God loves you?. And true to form this book bears this out. Archbishop Tutu is such a well known person you can probably imagine the sound of his voice as you read it. He uses endearing words like ?dollops?, ?fluffy?, ?inveigled?, ?vouchsafed?, ?frazzle?, ?troublesome old rogue? and ?bamboozled?.

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