Finding the Historical Church A Resource for the - New Evangelization

Author: John M Redford
ISBN: 978-0-85244-836-6
Date: 2014
Price: ?15.99 RRP
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Publisher: Gracewing

This book was written during Canon Redford?s last illness, and is published posthumously. Had the author?s name and personal references been concealed, I think I still would have deduced that John Redford wrote it, from the evident desire to affirm the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church, from its very closely argued case (reminiscent of the same author?s Mad, Bad or God?), and from the patent intention that readers use the book to affirm their own belief and then utilise the arguments in order to evangelize.

The book is based on the author?s Master?s course at Maryvale, and this pedagogical background yields a number of benefits. It is clearly set out, with a handy summary at the head of each section.

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