The Rebirthing of God: Christianity?s Struggle for New Beginnings

Author: John Philip Newell
ISBN: 978-1-59473-542-4
Date: 2014
Price: ?16.99 RRP
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Publisher: Skylight Paths Publishing

The imagery of birthing pervades John Philip Newell?s new book ? not only the joy but the travails, and frankly, the messiness of it all. It is Newell?s conceit that we presently lie as a church and a spiritual community in a time of birth ? with all its attendant excitements, dangers and mess. This, of course, will strike a deep chord with some readers and put off others. I gave a chapter of the book to one of my classes to discuss and a lively debate ensued ? not least on the striking image Newell uses at the beginning of the book from Jung?s memoirs (I won?t spoil this for you ? sufficient to say it will stay in your mind for some time to come!).

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