Old Testament Theology. Reading the Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture

Author: R.W.L.Moberly
ISBN: 978 0 8010 4885 2
Date: 2012
Price: ?17.99
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Publisher: Baker Academic

This is not an inquiry into the nature of OT theology, nor a systematic OT Theology. Rather it is a study of selected, but representative, OT texts from the perspectives that Professor Moberly of Durham has long championed. Scholars today speak of the world within the text, the world behind the text, and the world in front of the text. The world behind the text, i.e. its prehistory and compilation, has for a long time been the main focus of mainstream scholars. Moberly does not despise or ignore studies of this sort but he notes that their conclusions tend to be uncertain and controversial. For the most part he concentrates on the world within the text, seeking to provide an exegesis of texts within their biblical contexts.

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