Deuteronomy. A Commentary

Author: Jack R.Lundbom
ISBN: 978 0 8028 2614 5
Date: 2013
Price: ?53.99
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Publisher: Eerdmans

This is the most detailed, most magisterial commentary on Deuteronomy since that of S.R.Driver back in 1895. Professor Lundbom, who among other things is a life member at Clare Hall, Cambridge, has put every student of Deuteronomy in his debt.

The 97-page Introduction is very comprehensive. It includes, as one would expect, a discussion of the possible origins of the biblical book: Was there one edition or two? Did Deut have a Northern provenance? Were the authors Levites, scribes, or both at the same time? What does Deuteronomy owe to the ancient Near Eastern treaties? What has the rise of Rhetorical Criticism added to our understanding of the book?

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