Reading Genesis 1-2. An Evangelical Conversation

Editor: J.Daryl Charles
ISBN: 978 1 59856 888 2
Date: 2013
Price: ?16.99
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Publisher: Hendrickson/Alban Books

As the editor of this collection of essays notes, ?Evangelicals in the church and the academy are involved in a robust conversation on how to read Genesis in the ancient Israelite context.? In 2011, the Bryan Institute in the USA hosted a symposium of evangelical Protestant scholars to further this conversation so far as Gen 1-2 is concerned. This volume contains the five papers read at the symposium, together with the responses of other participants. There are also two ?reflective essays? by members of the Institute. All contributors subscribe to the infallibility/ inerrancy of Scripture, but not all would draw the same conclusions from this principle. Two at least of them think that Moses wrote the whole of the Pentateuch yet find much of the language of Gen 1-2 figurative rather than literal. Evangelical scholarship is clearly much more diverse than it used to be. Some scholars hold (as the Bryan Institute itself affirms) that Adam and Eve are historical figures, while others take them to be literary figures.

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