David Remembered. Kingship and National Identity in Ancient Israel

Author: Joseph Blenkinsopp
ISBN: 978 0 8028 6958 6
Date: 2013
Price: ?17.99
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Publisher: Eerdmans

Emeritus Professor Joseph Blenkinsopp of the University of Notre Dame here gives us an authoritative and highly readable survey of the development of the Davidic tradition down to the second century CE. He begins by chronicling the events leading up to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BCE, noting evidence that both the Deuteronomistic Historian and the Chronicler regarded the Davidic dynasty as effectively ending in 609 with the killing of Josiah (that incomparable king: 2 Kings 23.25). He then considers evidence for the existence of Benjaminite claims to qualify to take the place of the Judaean Davidic line. The Benjaminites (who included the prophet Jeremiah) opposed resistance to the Babylonians and will probably not have incurred their displeasure; they seem not to have been transported to Babylon.

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