A Faithful Guide to Philosophy ? A Christian Introduction to the Love of Wisdom

Author: Peter S. Williams
ISBN: 978-1842278118
Date: 2013
Price: ?13.99 RRP
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Publisher: Paternoster Press

It is not often these days I read a non-fiction book and rave about it. This book however is simply brilliant and as far as I know, a complete original ? the first UK textbook to offer an introduction to philosophy from a Christian perspective, though there have been Christians, notably Colin Brown, who have covered the history of Western philosophical thought in their writings.

Williams? sweep in the one volume is vast ? logic, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics and philosophy of mind are all explored in varying depths ? but never shallow, whilst still leaving space to look at freedom and responsibility, aspects of science and religion and the problem of evil.

It is a real tour de force, combining conciseness with crystal clarity and yet avoiding superficiality. This makes it suitable for a wide spectrum of readers from first timers who want to get to grips with basic concepts of philosophy, right through to postgraduate students looking for further resources on some very complex topics.

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