Benedict XV & World War I, Courageous Prophet of Peace

Author: Ashley Beck
ISBN: 978 1 86082 900 0

Fr Willie Doyle SJ & World War I, A Chaplain?s Story
Author: K. V. Turley
ISBN: 978 1 86082 906 2

Stories of World War I, Faith in Action
Editor: Raymond Edwards;
Compiler: Sr Fabiola Fernandes
ISBN: 978 1 86082 900 0
Price: ?2.50 each
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There was tremendous carnage in the First World War and the death toll amounted to 16 million, with another 20 million wounded, maimed or diseased. Many families lost a member to the war and in some cases more than one. My maternal grandfather was killed in the war in 1918 with no known grave but is mentioned on the War Memorial near to where he fell. Within three months of leaving England for the front, Arthur was killed and this was before his daughter Nancy, my mother, was born.

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