The SPCK Bible Atlas

Author: Barry J. Beitzel and 26 contributors
ISBN: 978-0-281-06851-7
Date: 2013
Price: ?17.99
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10% off price: ?16.20 (+P&P)
Publisher: SPCK, London

Any biblical atlas that has Beitzel as its chief consultant, has attractive looking maps in colour, and is of convenient size raises one?s hopes that here will be a useful tool in study. However, while this book has lots of text, it is upon the value of the maps that it must be evaluated. So what do we find?

On page 17 we have a good clear map of the physical geography of the ?regions of the bible lands? with relief well displayed through shading and land use by colour, water is clearly marked in blue, and it has a north point and scale bar ? so it ticks all the boxes. Alas, it also shows modern cities (e.g. Kuwait and Doha) along with the Suez Canal and Lake Nasser!

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