An Introduction to Christian Theology ? Biblical, Classical, Contemporary

Author: Anthony Towey
ISBN: 978 0 567 04535 5
Year: 2013
Price: ?22.99
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Publisher :Bloomsbury

?Big book, big evil? complained Callimachus, the ancient Greek librarian. This book is a big book, over 500 pages. A big evil it is not, however.

Anthony Towey is Director of the Aquinas Centre at St Mary?s University, Twickenham, and this is essentially a text book for the student of theology. Use of jargon is unavoidable, as in any academic subject, but this book does not require any prior knowledge of theology.
First there is an introduction about what theology is, in which he defines theology as ?thoughtful conversation with God?. This Part also serves as an introduction to the methodology and structure of the book.

In Part 2, Theology of Creation and Covenant, it goes on to examine the main points of the Old Testament, under the four headings of Genesis, the Torah, the Nebi?im (the Prophets), and the Ketubim (the Writings or Wisdom literature).

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