Benedict XV & World War I, Courageous Prophet of Peace

Author: Ashley Beck
ISBN: 978 1 86082 900 0

Fr Willie Doyle SJ & World War I, A Chaplain?s Story
Author: K. V. Turley
ISBN: 978 1 86082 906 2

Stories of World War I, Faith in Action
Editor: Raymond Edwards;
Compiler: Sr Fabiola Fernandes
ISBN: 978 1 86082 900 0
Price: ?2.50 each
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10% off price: ?2.25 (+P&P)

There was tremendous carnage in the First World War and the death toll amounted to 16 million, with another 20 million wounded, maimed or diseased. Many families lost a member to the war and in some cases more than one. My maternal grandfather was killed in the war in 1918 with no known grave but is mentioned on the War Memorial near to where he fell. Within three months of leaving England for the front, Arthur was killed and this was before his daughter Nancy, my mother, was born.

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Dementia. Living in the Memories of God

Author: John Swinton
ISBN: 978-0-334-04672-1
Price: ?25.00
Year: 2012
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10% off price: ?22.50 (+P&P)
Publisher: SCM

People live much longer than they used to, and there is no reason to believe that in western societies life expectancy will not continue to rise. This means that all of us will be much more aware of changes in mental capacity as people get older and in recent decades we have grown in our medical knowledge of dementia. Many pastors, however, feel that theologically we are unsure how to respond effectively to people?s needs and offer support to carers and relatives.

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Scars. Essays, poems and meditations on affliction

Author: Paul Murray
ISBN: 978-1-4411-7563-2
Year: 2014
Price: ?12.99
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10% off price: ?11.70 (+P&P)
Publisher: Continuum

I expect most of us engaged in pastoral ministry don?t make much use of poetry. We might hesitate before offering someone in need a book of poetry as a resource unless we knew that person very well; unless we are poets ourselves I think we tend to be reserved about using poetry in this way even if we find it helpful ourselves. This is a book which ought to help us move away from that reserve.
The Dominican theologian and writer Paul Murray has produced an excellent collection of writings which includes a selection of his own poems, some of which have been published in other collections.

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The SPCK Bible Atlas

Author: Barry J. Beitzel and 26 contributors
ISBN: 978-0-281-06851-7
Date: 2013
Price: ?17.99
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10% off price: ?16.20 (+P&P)
Publisher: SPCK, London

Any biblical atlas that has Beitzel as its chief consultant, has attractive looking maps in colour, and is of convenient size raises one?s hopes that here will be a useful tool in study. However, while this book has lots of text, it is upon the value of the maps that it must be evaluated. So what do we find?

On page 17 we have a good clear map of the physical geography of the ?regions of the bible lands? with relief well displayed through shading and land use by colour, water is clearly marked in blue, and it has a north point and scale bar ? so it ticks all the boxes. Alas, it also shows modern cities (e.g. Kuwait and Doha) along with the Suez Canal and Lake Nasser!

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Salvation as Praxis, A Practical Theology of Salvation for a Multi-Faith World

Author: Wayne Morris
ISBN: 978-0-567-53209-1
Year: 2014
Price: ?19.99
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10% off price: ?18.00 (+P&P)
Publisher: Bloomsbury

Salvation, whether called Moksha, Nirvana or Heaven, is a central theme in world religions. In the Christian tradition, heaven is the self gift of God to all, an ?endless moment of love?. This book is about responding in practical ways in daily life to this gift.

The focus is on the operative word ?praxis?, another word for ?experiencing living? more graciously together. Christians today can rediscover and draw on ancient traditions in the early Church which grew in a multi-faith world only to be gradually romanized while demonizing pagans.

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