The Lives of Ordinary People in Ancient Israel. Where Archaeology and the Bible Intersect

Author: William G.Dever
ISBN: 978 0 8028 6071 8
Date: 2012
Price: ?16.99
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Publisher: Eerdmans/Alban Books

The aim of this book is to recreate the lives of the people, especially the ?ordinary? people, of Israel and Judah in the eighth century BC. This period is chosen partly because it is particularly rich in archaeological artifacts. William Dever, emeritus professor at the University of Arizona and a leading authority on biblical archaeology, has little patience with scholars who think that we can know precious little about ancient Israel, the biblical texts being little more than fictions, and the archaeological data scanty and/or indecisive. It is true that the principal biblical account, the Deuteronomistic History of Joshua to 2 Kings, does contain stories rather than history (biblical Hebrew, Dever notes, has no word for ?history?) and that scholars differ widely on its dating, but it does contain, he believes, an historical core.

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