Joshua and Judges (Texts@Contexts series)

Editors: Athalya Brenner & Gale A.Yee
ISBN: 978 0 8006 9937 6
Date: 2013
Price: ?32.99
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Publisher: Fortress

Traditionally, the OT has been read mainly through the eyes of male white Christians. Biblical scholars, however, have become increasingly aware of their own cultural rootedness and its limitations, and have come to appreciate the validity and value of seeing the Bible through other eyes. The way that a text will speak to, say, a Jew, a Muslim, an African, a feminist, or a political activist will be both legitimate and instructive. This volume takes a couple of OT books and offers a multi-cultural reading. Fifteen contributors with a variety of backgrounds, beliefs and interests have been invited to tell us how the books of Joshua and Judges strike them. How does this story of a group of incomers, impelled as they claim by a divine mandate, who dispossess the Canaanite population, speak to them?

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