Portraits of a Mature God. Choices in Old Testament Theology

Author: Mark McEntire
ISBN: 978 0 8006 9941 3
Date: 2013
Price: ?25.99
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Publisher: Fortress

Professor McEntire of the University of Belmont in Nashville here pleads for some of the books located towards the end of the Hebrew Canon to be given more of a hearing. As he sees it, different characterizations of the Deity are evident in different parts of the Hebrew Bible, and we tend to over-emphasize the more ?interesting? ones, those placed earlier, in books which portray an overtly interventionist God, over later ones. We should attend more to ?the God at the end of the story?.

The first block of material (Genesis 1-3, or rather 1-11) presents us with a creator God, but a God who is also characterized by ?uncertainty and even na?vet??. When humanity goes its own way, he destroys and scatters.

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