Archbishop Justin Welby: The Road to Canterbury

Author: Andrew Atherstone?
ISBN: 978 0 232 52994 4
Date: 2013
Price: ?7.99
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Publisher: Darton, Longman, Todd

This book is what it says it is, an account of the journey that has seen Justin Welby consecrated as the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury. Despite the speed of publication, it is not thin on content although no doubt many more, much thicker, books will be written over the years to fill out what is here about the man whose sudden emergence in the public eye caught the world by surprise.

When the Archbishop?s appointment was announced, all some sections of the press seemed interested in was his father?s colourful lifestyle and his schooling. Both appear in this book where the tabloid headlines are given more of a context. Similarly with the tragic death of his baby daughter which is treated sensitively rather than sensationally. There is also much more which was not available to, or not of interest to, the popular press.

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