Peter Singer and Christian Ethics ? Beyond Polarization

Author: Charles Camosy
ISBN: 978-0521149334?
Date: 2012
Price: ?18.99?
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10% off price: ?17.10 (+P&P) br>Publisher: Cambridge University Press

This book explores the common ground between the Catholic Church and world champion of preference utilitarianism, Prof Peter Singer ? and in case you thought otherwise, there is plenty of it. In fact this scholarly book is full of surprises and is of interest to ethicists in general, not just Singerians and Catholics.?

Camosy considers the mutual rejection of each other?s views by Singer and Christian ethicists stems largely ?from a kind of ignorance which comes from defining oneself in opposition to another? (p7) which at very least severely restricts and serious engagement. Camosy?s thesis is that actually such differences as there are between the two camps are relatively narrow and there is scope for ?working together on many important issues of ethics and public policy? (p7); he goes on to justify this claim by examining in detail four specific areas of applied bioethics ? abortion, euthanasia and other end of life issues, non-human animals and care for the poor.?

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