Journey to the Heart

Editor: Kim Nataraja
ISBN: 978-1848251083
Date: 2011
Price: ?25.00
Publisher: Canterbury Press, Norwich

This book has its origins in talks given by various contributors to a course entitled Roots of Christian Mysticism organised by the editor, Kim Nataraja under the auspices of the World Community for Christian Meditation. Its aim is, ?to follow the rich stream of Christian mysticism throughout the ages seriously and in depth using certain key spiritual teachers as stepping stones along the way.? Margaret Lane reminds us in her chapter on St Augustine, that ?to speak of mysticism in the early centuries is anachronisitic for the word was not coined until the seventeenth century. It tends to be associated with a private inner experience of union with God, one that is not mediated through Christ, scripture or community. This is not something that can be readily identified within Christianity until the twelfth century, when there was a growing interest in private experience.? (p137)

This volume carefully examines where the origins of Christian mysticism lie, beginning with Laurence Freeman OSB?s exposition of prayer and contemplation in the life of Jesus, and Sts Paul and John, before other authors introduce us to the early church and desert fathers.

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