The Christ Journey. Sister Wendy Beckett reflects on the Art of Greg Tricker

Authors: Wendy Beckett, Greg Tricker
ISBN: 978-0-85439-822-5
Date: 2011
Price: ?45.00
Publisher: St Paul?s

As I write this review, I have in mind the current exhibition of Lucian Freud?s, Portraits, at the National Portrait Gallery. Greg Tricker and Lucian Freud could not be more unlike each other in style and yet they both deal with the human form. Both are compelling for different reasons. Freud?s work has been described as ?forensic? in its honesty: oil layered on oil, each fold of skin accounted for, each layer of fat properly apportioned, all observed and painted, you realise, over a perfectly proportioned skeleton. Solid and exposed, nothing remains hidden. Everything is revealed. And it was apparently, an exhausting process psychologically for the model as it was for the painter, not least because from the 1950?s, Freud had decided he had to stand up to paint. In a portrait of Freud you are given to see the inside of a person as much as the outside, from a child?s face to his colossal nudes.

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