A People’s Tragedy: Studies in Reformation

Eamon Duffy
ISBN: 978-1472983855
Bloomsbury 2020
Hardback 272 pp £20.00
Pastoral Review bookshop £18.00
(To be published on 26 November 2020)

Nearly thirty years since the publication of The Stripping of the Altars, the effects of this ground-breaking study of the English Reformation are still being felt as a result of its positive appraisal of late medieval and early popular Catholic spiritual life in this country and its demonstration of the popularity of Catholic devotional practices, in spite of everything, until the later part of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. While Duffy has been prolific ever since, the most controversial follow-up was his survey of the Catholic revival under Queen Mary, The Fires of Faith: Catholic England under Mary Tudor. Perhaps the controversy is a sign that religious faith is not entirely marginalised.

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