Outside the City

Intrepid Media
Available on DVD and to download from iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play
82 minutes 

Leicester is known for its ethnic and cultural diversity, and the fast pace of life that comes with it, the busyness of city life and the need for different communities to negotiate what it means to live and work alongside each other – not least for different faith communities. This new film describes the life of the Trappist monks of Mount St Bernard in Leicestershire, a community ‘outside the city’. ‘Outside the city’ is, according to the letter to the Hebrews, where Christ died to make us holy with his blood (Hebr. 13.12). 

This is by no means the first ‘monastery documentary’, but it is delightfully free from patronising commentaries of a presenter driven by the need to ‘explain’. Nick Hamer lets the monks speak for themselves, without apology for their life of prayer and work. This is a community of men who have lived with each other and most importantly before God, some of them for decades.  

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