Every Tribe: Stories of Diverse Saints Serving a Diverse World 

Sharon Prentis  
ISBN: 978-0281080854 
SPCK 2019 
Paperback 160 pp £9.99 
Pastoral Review bookshop £9.00 

At a time when so much political leadership in the world is deeply flawed, it is good for Christians to be assertive in sharing the witness of people who have shown great holiness and virtue. We do this easily in relation to canonised saints – although perhaps less than we did in the past – but all Christians are able increasingly to share a common heritage of those across different traditions who speak powerfully of love and faith. Dr Sharon Prentis is an experienced Anglican priest with leading responsibilities for Black, Asian and ethnic minority affairs in the Church of England. We can share in a common heritage by learning more and being open to how God’s grace acts in the lives of men and women in every age and setting. Prentis in this short and accessible book looks at a selection of lives of saints and holy people aimed at reflecting the rich diversity of Christian communities, making use of a wide selection of contributors. 

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