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October/November/December 2021

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Liturgy and unity
Anthony Towey

The stunning bronze reliquary beneath the altar of the Venerable English College Chapel in Rome is one of its most striking features. ‘Blessed are those called to the wedding feast of the Lamb’ is the text engraved thereupon, linking the sacrifice of the English martyrs with the white robed army of the faithful depicted in Revelation 19.19. No one could say it isn’t worthy, but with the benefit of hindsight, the text not chosen, Sint Unum – ‘May they be one’ (Jn 17.21), might have been preferable.
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Oct 01 2021

EditorialLiturgy and unity
Anthony Towey The stunning bronze reliquary beneath the altar of the Venerable English College Chapel in Rome is one of its most striking features.  ... 
FOCUS: Synodality: The Church on the WayTogether on the journey, becoming the Church we are called to be: The Liverpool Synod
Peter McGrail describes the Liverpool Diocesan Synod, identifying the stages in its process and the key issues raised. In 1962 there were 264,000  ... 
‘Listening is more than simply hearing’: Pope Francis and synodality
Declan Marmion SM explores how the ancient practice of synodality can be the path to the Church of the future. For the next Synod of Bishops meeting  ... 
From the Pastoral Congress to synodality today
In the years since Vatican II, the Catholic community in England and Wales has experimented with processes and structures which can be seen in  ... 
LEADERSHIP & MINISTRYGuardians of Creation
Edward de Quay explores how the Church can and does get involved in responding to the climate change crisis. ‘Code red for humanity.’ This was  ... 
Towards greater openness: Christian educators respond to the challenges of the pandemic
Four Catholic educators from Ireland and Scotland reflect on working and engaging with children and young people during the restrictions and  ... 
Last rites for last wrongs: Pastoral accompaniment of Catholics who have requested euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide
David Albert Jones explores pastoral guidance provided by Catholic bishops in different countries for sacramental and liturgical practice in cases of  ... 
THEOLOGY TODAYWas the Afghan War just?
The NATO military campaign in Afghanistan ended in August. Ashley Beck asks: ‘Was the campaign in line with traditional Catholic teaching?’ War  ... 
Jesus was a Jew
Knowledge of Judaism is needed in order to understand and teach about Jesus, writes Alfredo Delgado Gómez. More than hundred years have passed  ... 
Queer theology as a form of liberation theology
The methods of liberation theology have been utilised to respond to the oppression of LGBTQ+ Christians. The ideas of some key thinkers, and critical  ... 
A future for our past: An argument for bi-lingual historical Christian texts
Thomas O’Loughlin writes of the theological challenge of engaging with ancient texts and introduces a new series of bi-lingual  ... 
SPIRITUALITYFive hundred Years of Conversion: 1521–2021
From May 2021 until July 2022, the Society of Jesus celebrates an Ignatian Year. David Birchall SJ describes how a war-wound from a cannonball  ... 
Praying the ‘Hail Mary’: Honouring Mary as the Mother of God, without diminishing her humanity
Anne Inman writes on how to pray the ‘Hail Mary’, giving to Mary the honour she is due as Mother of God while at the same time respecting her  ... 
RESOURCES FOR MINISTRYIntegrating the Advent wreath into the Eucharist
The Advent wreath, used as a visual focus during Mass, adds variety and atmosphere to the liturgy of the season, writes Michael H. Marchal. As a  ... 

Breaking The Word
Weekdays in October, November & December 2021

Friday 1 October
Week 26 in Ordinary Time
St Thérèse of the Child Jesus
Baruch 1.15–22
Psalm 78

The text of Baruch, which has survived only in Greek, was included in the Septuagint and is thus part of the Deutero-Canonical material of the Catholic Scriptures. The first section (1.1–3.8) is based on an original Hebrew text and displays connections with Jeremiah for whom Baruch was the scribe. It is set in the exile in Babylon and laments the sins ...

Sunday 3 October
Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Genesis 2.18–24
Psalm 127
Hebrews 2.9–11
Mark 10.2–16

These readings can be taken to explore some of the most fundamental of human questions. For many people, they will be very challenging because they get behind some everyday assumptions in this, or any, culture. ...

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Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017


Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Rev. Professor Michael Hayes editor of the Pastoral Review.

Many friends and readers of the Pastoral Review and The Tablet will have been shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Michael Hayes early on Easter Saturday.   Read More