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May/June 2019

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Game changers
Anthony Towey

One of the more popular phrases that is used of people, events or ideas that make a difference is that someone or thing is a ‘game changer’. Originating in sporting environs, it has tended to refer to such things as a decisive play, an astute substitution, a disastrous refereeing decision, a lamentable mistake, but can equally be adduced to an individual, someone who changes not just the course of a given contest but the way the game itself is understood.
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May 01 2019

Game changers

Anthony Towey
One of the more popular phrases that is used of people, events or ideas that make a difference is that someone or thing is a ‘game  ... 

Contemporary Theology
Lament, memory, and the priesthood

Ronald D. Witherup PSS
This article is a reflection on the interconnections between lament, memory, and the priesthood. Ronald D. Witherup PSS is  ... 

Why study theology? Theology as a resource in Christian discipleship

Thomas O’Loughlin
The first of three articles on ‘why study theology?’ which are intended to give reasons why formal study is valuable. Thomas  ... 

From Zechariah to Agabus: The Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts (2)

Adrian Graffy
The second of two articles on Luke-Acts explores how the Holy Spirit inspires the mission of the Church beyond Judaism and to the ends  ... 

Past & Present
Exemplary bishops of Catholic Reform: Their ordination as priests

Patrick H. Daly
We continue the series of articles about the ordination day of priests whose lives shaped the history of the Church in the context  ... 

Leadership & Ministry
Situational leadership in Catholic schools

Joanna Marie Oliva
This article looks at the leadership theory of Situational Leadership, in particular how it is related to, and can be linked  ... 

A leadership of service: Letting go

Chris Richardson
The Gospel prescribes servant leadership, but this is often misinterpreted and difficult for priests to practice given their status  ... 

The case for celibate deacons

Duncan MacPherson
This article examines the proposition that the case for priestly celibacy is equally applicable to deacons, and that the case for  ... 

Living Good Friday, moving into Holy Saturday, but can Easter Sunday be real?

Susan Price
This article is a theological reflection on the events of the Triduum, looking at how the author, working in a non-religious setting,  ... 

Focus On
Mary: Lessons for life in the 21st century

Barbara Hogan
This article compares the life experiences of Mary in Scripture with those of modern-day Catholic women and asks: Can Mary be  ... 

Rebooting pastoral care in the image of our disabled God

Francis Davis
This article questions whether a culture of secular beauty pervades the Church, such that people with disabilities are routinely  ... 

The Ursulines of Jesus: The first Religious in Post-Reformation Scotland

Stephen McKinney
This article examines the arrival and the first fifty years of the first group of Religious to arrive in Scotland in the  ... 

Breaking The Word
Second week of Eastertide
Wednesday 1 May
St Joseph the Worker
Acts 5.17-26
Psalm 33
John 3.16-21
Luke continues to paint a picture of the tension that develops between the Jewish authorities on the one hand and the Apostles on the other. He uses the word ‘jealousy’ (Greek: zelos meaning: negative zeal) which helps to give an idea of a major cause of tension ...

Sundays in May and June 2019

Sunday readings May/June 2019

In February 2018 Pope Francis gave a series of audiences in which he offered a catechesis on the Mass. Speaking of the Liturgy of the Word he insisted: Thus, in the Mass we do not read the Gospel in order to know how things happened, but rather, we listen to the Gospel in order to realise what Jesus once did and said; and that Word is living, the Word of Jesus that is in the Gospel is alive and touches my heart. Therefore, listening to the Gospel is very important, with an open heart, because it is the living Word. If it is true that in the liturgy ‘Christ is still ...

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Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017


Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Rev. Professor Michael Hayes editor of The Pastoral Review.

Many friends and readers of The Pastoral Review and The Tablet will have been shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Michael Hayes early on Easter Saturday.   Read More