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An inconvenient truth?
Anthony Towey

We’ve all done it – left the phone somewhere and retrieved it belatedly. I rescued mine from the loft on Bank Holiday Monday 2021 only to find it peppered with missed calls and messages. ‘Scandal’ – ‘a right Carrie-on’ – ‘takes the biscuit’ – ‘a regime sponsorship trick’ – ‘three weddings and 150,000 funerals’. The high-octane communiques concerned Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who had been married with the blessing of the Church in Westminster Cathedral. They were likewise all from utterly committed Catholics, who – for once – were united in their disbelief.
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Jun 30 2021
An inconvenient truth?
Anthony Towey We’ve all done it – left the phone somewhere and retrieved it belatedly. I rescued mine from the loft on Bank Holiday Monday 2021  ...

Focus: A World without Borders
No human dignity at the borders? The ‘New Plan for Immigration’ and Catholic social teaching
Let’s take a brief look at the proposals, which are the core of the government’s ‘New Plan for Immigration’. First, a key plank of the  ... 
Fratelli tutti – places and paradigms without borders: Recovering the Franciscan intellectual tradition
Francis Davis focuses on the missing Franciscan potential of Pope Francis’ encyclical Fratelli tutti. In October 2020, Pope Francis made his way  ... 
Leadership & MinistryPromoting Catholic social teaching in schools and colleges: The Oscar Romero Award
Mugeni Sumba writes about a new award scheme for schools and colleges promoting Oscar Romero and Catholic social teaching in schools. According to  ... 
Biblical studies for all believers: Reflections on the eightieth anniversary of the Catholic Biblical Association of Great Britain
Sean Ryan writes about the history and current work of the Catholic Biblical Association of Great Britain. In the midst of the current pandemic, and  ... 
Licence to swab: School leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic
Simon Uttley writes of the challenges faced by school leaders during the pandemic. Ever since my mum first sewed that 50m swimming badge onto my  ... 
Theology TodayWhat is Man? Relationships, sin and salvation (Chapters 3 and 4)
Adrian Graffy on the official 2019 statement from the Pontifical Biblical Commission on biblical anthropology. Man and woman
When Pope Francis asked  ... 
Dominican spirituality and the challenge of restlessness
This year marks the eighth centenary of the death of Saint Dominic de Guzmán. Monica Rapeanu writes on the rich Dominican heritage in the life of  ... 
Does Hans Küng remain relevant?
Gerald O’Collins SJ offers a personal reflection on the work of Swiss priest and theologian, Hans Küng, who died on 6 April 2021. Major  ... 
SpiritualityFacilitating the leap towards the transcendent?
In the light of Pope Francis’s exhortation in Laudato si’ to ‘facilitate the leap towards the transcendent’, Elizabeth Rainsford-McMahon  ... 
Love’s voyage: Reading Dante’s spirituality
Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter Candor lucis aeternae of 25 May 2021 marks the seventh centenary of the death of Dante Alighieri. Valentin Gerlier  ... 
Wisdom! But where will we find her? The Book of Proverbs
John Deehan writes on one of the more neglected books of the Bible, Proverbs, exploring its teaching on the ‘art of becoming wise’. During the  ... 
Resources for Ministry‘God loves you and wants you to be safe’: A Catholic perspective on domestic abuse
Nikki Dhillon-Keane writes on the recent passing of the Domestic Abuse Act and how churches can and should help victims and survivors. For most  ... 
A doubt, an answer and some questions: The Vatican document on blessing same-sex unions
Participating in blessing same-sex unions is a concern for priests and pastoral agents. The challenge of understanding homosexuality is obvious. We  ... 

Breaking The Word
Weekdays in July, August and September 2021

Thursday 1 July
Week 13 in Ordinary Time
Genesis 22.1–19
Psalm 114
Matthew 9.1–8
The climax of the story of the faith of Abraham is the near-sacrifice of Isaac, the son of the promise. Like many of the accounts of Genesis, the story is an aetiological legend, giving the origin and purpose of a command ...

Sunday 4 July
Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Ezekiel 2.2–5
Psalm 122
2 Corinthians 12.7–10
Mark 6.1–6

It tends to be the case that prophets in the Old Testament have a hard time carrying out their mission, and – with the exception of the rather comical book of Jonah – have little success in doing what they were sent to do in terms of changing people's ...

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Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017


Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Rev. Professor Michael Hayes editor of the Pastoral Review.

Many friends and readers of the Pastoral Review and The Tablet will have been shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Michael Hayes early on Easter Saturday.   Read More