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March/April 2019

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Anthony Towey

Unusually, this year the entire season of Lent falls within the embrace of a single issue of The Pastoral Review. We can strangely think of it as a fallow time despite it signalling longer days and the dawn of spring in Northern climes.
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Mar 01 2019
EditorialJoin the cast

Anthony Towey
Unusually, this year the entire season of Lent falls within the embrace of a single issue of The Pastoral Review. We can strangely  ... 

Contemporary TheologyPreaching Matthew

Gerald O’Collins SJ
Coming to terms
(Matthew 5.25–26)
‘Come to terms with your opponent in good time, while you are still on the way to  ... 

Preaching Luke

Gerald O’Collins SJ
Facing the truth
(Luke 4.16–30)
Sometimes people don’t like being reminded of the truth. That’s what Jesus does in  ... 

From Zechariah to Agabus: The Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts

Adrian Graffy
The Holy Spirit is referred to more frequently in Luke than any other gospel. The first of two articles examines what is said  ... 

Celebrating Palm Sunday with Matthew’s Passion Narrative

Thomas O’Loughlin
The voices we hear reading the Passion during Holy Week can enhance the liturgical occasion, but alongside the opportunities  ... 

Past & PresentThe ordination of Ignatius of Loyola

Patrick H. Daly
The Year for Priests launched last June by Archbishop Bernard Longley has focused on the vocation story of each individual  ... 

Leadership & MinistryWelcome, inclusion, safety. Responding to mental health issues in the parish

Jim McManus
How can churches respond pastorally to people with mental health conditions? Jim McManus is Director of Public Health for  ... 

The parish of the high seas

Tom Grufferty The Apostleship of the Sea provides pastoral and spiritual care for those who work at sea. Tom Grufferty, a priest in the Diocese of  ... 

Reach, gift relationship and social innovation. Reclaiming Religious Orders

Francis Davis The Religious Orders are alive and well if we but look with open eyes, writes Francis Davis, Professor of Communities and Religion at  ... 

The road to Emmaus. A model of transformational leadership

David Fincham
This article explores the implications of the story of the Road to Emmaus for Catholic school leadership. David Fincham lectures  ... 

Focus OnEvelyn Waugh. Imagination and Catholicism

Jeremy H.C. Rowe This article examines how Waugh’s imagination leads the protagonist and the reader to religious understanding. References are to  ... 

Eucharistic action in modern Jewish practice

Emily Rosen
Christians hear the word ‘Eucharist’ and immediately think that they are dealing with a specifically Christian reality. But the  ... 

Restoring to women their sacramental ministries. An exploration of the constant tradition

Anne Inman The Church’s history has many examples of women monastics from the early medieval period occupying ministerial roles. These ministries  ... 

Review article: Preaching to Middle England

Ashley Beck
How far does Catholic Social Teaching help us react to the UK leaving the European Union? Here Ashley Beck looks at the teaching and  ... 

Breaking The Word
Friday 1 March
Ecclesiasticus 6.5-17
Psalm 118
Mark 10.1-12
Friendship has always been a crucial part of life so it is not surprising that this theme threads through the Scriptures. One of the most beautiful reflections is in today\’s extract from Sirach. Faithful friends are a treasure, totally different from those who are shallow. The young in Sirach\’s school are taught that for such friendship an important principle is to revere the Lord ...

Sunday readings January/February 2019

Sunday readings March/April 2019

Sunday 3 March
Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ecclesiasticus 27.4-7
Psalm 90
1 Corinthians 15.54-58
Luke 6. 39-45

We have a set of Sunday readings this week which we rarely hear in the Liturgy because the eighth Sunday of the year is usually lost to one of the post-Easter feasts, but a late Easter this year means we can explore these challenging and fascinating passages. The first reading and the gospel are both composed simply of a series of literary formulae – proverbs and parables ...


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Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017


Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Rev. Professor Michael Hayes editor of The Pastoral Review.

Many friends and readers of The Pastoral Review and The Tablet will have been shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Michael Hayes early on Easter Saturday.   Read More