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October/November/December 2020

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Here comes everybody?
Anthony Towey

Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker is a character in Finnegans Wake by James Joyce whose initials ‘HCE’ become a shorthand for a variety of not so flattering descriptors in the novel including ‘Here comes everybody’. Interpreters of Joyce had revelled in the fecundity of his nomenclature and the theological resonance of HCE has not escaped attention.
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Oct 01 2020
EditorialHere comes everybody?
Anthony Towey Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker is a character in Finnegans Wake by James Joyce whose initials ‘HCE’ become a shorthand for a variety  ... 
Focus: arising from the shadowsChurch of Lima, I say to you, arise!
The naming last year of Carlos Castillo Mattasoglio as Archbishop of Lima has been described as the most dramatic appointment made by Pope Francis. A  ... 
Neither here nor there – in a good way? Mission and young people in a post-Covid Church
Káren North, Programme Director of the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, looks at recent research on  ... 
Black Lives Matter: A prejudice observed
Recent protests by Black Lives Matter are part of our duty to act over racist murders, writes Evleen Mann, a retired GP and practising  ... 
Leadership & ministryCovid-19 and the ministry of deacons: Reflections of a hospital chaplain
Alfred Banya, Lead Chaplain at King’s College Hospital, London, writes of how he re-evaluated his role as a deacon during the Covid-19  ... 
A time to choose what matters
This article takes up a challenge from Pope Francis and asks whether a harmonious and mutually reinforcing home-school-parish partnership could  ... 
Everyone in? The homeless, the Church and the pandemic
Dominic Robinson SJ, a priest in central London, describes how his parish, together with other organisations, responded to help the homeless during  ... 
Theology todayThe saint and the virus
The trust placed in expert advice has been the subject of debate during the coronavirus pandemic. How much should we rely on our own instincts and  ... 
The lectionary debate
The recent lockdown has impressed on many Catholics the importance of the Liturgy of the Word. Any translation must be faithful to tradition, open to  ... 
A saint for all
In her adopted city of Kolkata, Mother Teresa is revered amongst Hindus, and her sainthood goes beyond Catholicism, writes Yann Vagneux, a French  ... 
Resources for ministryLectio Divina for sacred Scripture… and ordinary life?
This article explores whether the way we are attentive to a sacred text can also be applied to our lives and ministry. Chris Hughes is a parish  ... 
Remembrance: The healing of grief
How we remember our departed loved ones helps us to face our loss, and Catholic funeral practices play an important part in the grieving process.  ... 
Mark’s Gospel: A successful prototype
Advent Sunday marks the beginning of Year B during which Mark’s Gospel is read. Pheme Perkins, Joseph Professor of Catholic Spirituality at Boston  ... 
Preaching Christmas at the end of the pandemic year
As the year of Covid-19 ends, Gerald O’Collins SJ reflects on ways in which Calvary casts its shadow over preaching the nativity. As the year ends  ... 

Breaking The Word
Weekdays in October, November and December 2020

Thursday 1 October
Week 26 in Ordinary Time
St Thérèse of the Child Jesus, Virgin, Doctor
Job 19.21–27
Psalm 26
Luke 10.1–12

In the second series of the dialogue between Job and his 'friends', Job answers Bildad and begs him and the others to understand him and take pity on him. He expresses his hope in God, his ultimate avenger (Hebrew: go'el – the next of kin who has the duty to defend his wronged relative) ...
Robert Draper

The word of God is alive and active and addresses God's people in all their conditions and situations. In the present global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many Scripture texts take on a new nuance. Passages that we have been very familiar with now speak in a new way to what is often described as an unprecedented situation ...

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Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017


Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Rev. Professor Michael Hayes editor of the Pastoral Review.

Many friends and readers of the Pastoral Review and The Tablet will have been shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Michael Hayes early on Easter Saturday.   Read More