Evleen Mann

Sometimes we need to put obligations aside and seize the moment to experience God’s presence, writes Evleen Mann. She writes as part of the Dympna Circle, three women who write on spiritual and therapeutic themes.

A funny thing a happened to me at a wedding last year. As the music for the first dance started, the bride and groom beckoned all of us on to the dance floor. My 25 year old daughter and I raised our arms towards each other and prepared to fling ourselves into the music. Just before we touched each other, a young man cut in. He was very handsome, slim and trim, with red hair and red beard: my beloved dad was a red head, so I favour this colour. Impeccably dressed in a grey pinstriped three piece suit, he stretched out his arms … to me! Me? Didn’t he mean to whisk my daughter away? There was no time to wonder because for the next twenty minutes we sashayed and shimmered, twisted and shouted. Every movement he made seemed to be in time with my own and vice versa. I was laughing, I was happy as I love dancing but my mind kept asking me: who is this guy? And why is he dancing with me? It was so magical that I began to worry. Maybe my sister, the mother of the bride, had asked him to dance with me because I was alone at the wedding … maybe the bride had said ‘make sure the old ladies get a dance’. But I certainly didn’t feel like an old lady. I felt as though I was in heaven.

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