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January/February 2018

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Talking about this generation
Káren North

Sociologists have long been working with different subsets of generations, most famous being the 'Baby Boomers'. In preparation for the 2018 Synod on Youth it is timely to remind ourselves of some of the key features that have been identified in terms of the generations coming of age in this period.

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anthony toweyCurrent Issue

January/February 2018

Acting Editor: Dr Anthony Towey

New Year's Revolution?
Anthony Towey

Happy New Year! In some ways Christians should exchange this greeting at the beginning of Advent, but in terms of common cultural tradition, January 1st marks the turn of the year, often accompanied by attempts to make a new start in some direction or other. I am
told there is a ‘spike’ in gym membership at this time which constitutes some sort of corporeal reaction to Christmas indulgence.  Likewise, in the UK at least, the recent fashion to give up alcohol for the month of January rather than in Lent is just the latest iteration of what I would call ‘secularized repentance’.
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Apr 25 2013

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Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017


Michael A. Hayes 1957 - 2017

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Rev. Professor Michael Hayes editor of The Pastoral Review.

Many friends and readers of The Pastoral Review and The Tablet will have been shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Michael Hayes early on Easter Saturday.   Read More